Currently Playing: Resident Evil 6 (PS4)

The first time round when RE6 was released on PS3 I didn’t have the time to play through it properly but I remember something about a giant ant and Leon looking like Shirley from Eastenders, nothing much of the story itself. 

Having previously played RE4 (on GameCube and Wii) and RE5 (with similarly smooth mechanics to RE4) but then switching to RE6, the controls took a moment to adjust. After playing through again following the completion of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (PS4) and Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One, the controls now seem to familiarise better. 

Early 2016, Capcom rereleased RE:Zero (HD) for PS4 and are continuing with conversions building up to their 20th anniversary of Resident Evil.

Their plans are to be announced at E3.

Apparently they’re working on RE5 and RE4 (HD) alongside a remake for RE2, that I haven’t played before. 

In addition to a very busy year for Capcom is an overdue Resident Evil 7 – which I’m also pretty amped about.


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