“Side Projects”

Most successful acts collaborate and experiment with new projects, whether it’s going solo, creating a super-group or jumping to a two or three piece act following the end of a long running band.

I don’t really think they should be called ‘side projects’ because it seems pretty sincere they’re working just as hard in these projects as they do in their full-time bands (one of which below is now full-time).

My current favourite new projects:

  • The Black Queen – Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s ambient electronic trio released Fever Daydream in January 2016.
    They’ve began very reserved with just two performances (LA and Hackney, England) but have literally just announced plans to return to the UK in September 2016 and the rest of Europe in October 2016.
  • ’68 – Josh Scogin of The Chariot’s punk rock duo formed in the wake of The Chariot. They’ve been touring relentlessly all over USA in support of their debut album, In Humor and Sadness, now boasted as a support slot for Bring Me The Horizon on their current US tour.
    In addition to that, Bring Me The Horizon are taking both Architects (UK) and ’68 on tour in Australia in September 2016 – lucky!
  • Hundred Suns – Cory Brandan of Norma Jean with ex-Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger.
    There isn’t much to comment on as it stands, with only a couple of album teasers, but they’re expecting a full release at some point in 2016 (fingers crossed for a UK tour) the same year we get both a new ETID and Norma Jean record.

Safe to say there will be plenty of new music this year.


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