Xbox One Review

I’ve been into a lot of Capcom lately. 

I bought an Xbox One last year, solely to play DR3 but not much else.

Rare Replay was another deal breaker for me, but after installing some of the games, I realised it’s just a lazy package deal of mostly Xbox 360 digital titles with zero upscaling work done since the 360.

The web browser constantly closes itself and often, the YouTube app will display the same error message prompting me to “insert disk.” Remember when YouTube first came out on CD? 

Pretty sure that never happened…

Having played the original Xbox and Xbox 360, it feels like Xbox One is actually a massive step back.

I didn’t bother renewing Xbox Live but I’m not exactly missing out on much. 

Seems much crazier now when people say “Xbox is better than PS4” because it’s just not true – in ANY way.

Stop lying.


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