ETID – London Takeover

Immediately following Slam Dunk Festival 2016, Every Time I Die played four intimate shows around London.

  1. The Borderline: very small downstairs venue the size of a pub. No barriers, bars all around the room and since the last time I’ve visited they’ve added stage monitors for comfort. ETID debuted their new song “The Coin Has A Say” here.
  2. Camden Underworld: easily one of my favourite venues, up there with Electric Ballroom. Once again, zero barriers and there was a staircase into the pit but there were a few sofas and benches scattered above ground to avoid the carnage. ETID debuted their new song “Pedal” here. Or peddle / puddle, whatever it’s called it was killer.
  3. The Dome: much bigger venue but it was still packed. Unlike the previous two places, this one actually had air conditioning but there was no re-admission policy. Bodies were flying over each other in unison to the bass I could feel through the floorboards. ETID debuted “It Remembers” here.
  4. The Old Blue Last: after a minor setback with the door lady, we finally got upstairs into the tiniest space I’ve ever had the luxury of witnessing Every Time I Die. This place was smaller than Camden Barfly. It quickly became a sauna among the crowd of less than 250. The floor felt like it was going to collapse, the ceiling was dripping with vaporised sweat and the barstaff were banging their heads. ETID debuted the song “1977” here.

If you couldn’t make it down to a show, I’ve got videos of their new songs here: ETID London Takeover.

I also travelled down to Southampton’s Engine Room at the last minute to see them support Bury Tomorrow but had to leave early as I was exhausted.

Insane run. I’ll see them next UK tour.


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