Demo: Resident Evil 7

I watched a bit of the E3 stream on a laptop and caught the trailer for REVII which was fully immersed in first-person view and clearly paying homage to the cancelled Silent Hills demo entitled P.T.

After downloading the demo ‘The First Hour’ on the PS4 it seemed innovative and big but it quickly became a 30 minute showcase of their new engine without any real adaptation to the story.

On my second run, I completed the demo in half the time and found what I believe (for the moment) to be every key item discoverable which includes:

  • Bolt cutter (for the wardrobe)
  • VHS video tape (for the TV)
  • Dummy finger (unknown)
  • Back door key (Ending #1)
  • Fuse switch (for the attic)
  • Lock pick (from the VHS)
  • Axe (purpose unknown)

As well as the note scrawled on the coffee table, creepy noises, shifty mannequins, photo of the Umbrella helicopter and multiple annoying phone calls.

I don’t expect much out of a demo but it seemed kind of tacky and dull for what Resident Evil usually put out. I’d like to think more will unravel as time goes on but I could be looking into it too much.

Hopefully I’m wrong, but it would seem very cheap to patch in more of the story after going back a few times and scraping the walls of this demo for more clues.

Also, while messing around I managed to backpedal all the way downstairs without being attacked but in a short gameplay video of mine – the old man glitched.

Enjoy: Alternate Ending.


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