An Evening with Charlie Sheen (hosted by Piers Morgan)

Last night, I went to Royal Theatre in Drury Lane for a tell-all interview of Charlie Sheen hosted by Piers Morgan.

As Piers entered the stage, the crowd immediately booed. I could already tell it was going to be a great night.

After some backstory of how the two met in the 90s, Sheen joined him onstage and the audience roared with applause. 

Before he even sat down he joked about the title, “An evening with Me would usually cost ‘Me’ money” causing the crowd to goofily clap along like watching one of his sitcoms.

Charlie basically told his lifestory in 60 minutes. From being born purple and slapped back to life by a male nurse, his movie career, being fired from Two and a Half Men. All the way up to his shocking AIDS diagnosis. 

He was very upbeat and told jokes throughout the interview.

Even when he got emotional talking about his father (Martin Sheen) suffering a heart attack when he was a child.

In intermission, there was a brief Q&A where fans lines up to ask him a question (no matter how rude or risky it may be) and he was obliged to answer.

There was also a photo opportunity. The line was hastily shovelled along but I was able to have a quick chat and get a photo before heading home.


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