Drop Dead Clothing X SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog

I remember when Drop Dead first collaborated with Young Guns and Architects. Two British bands they had endorsed for quite some time, with promotional T-shirts and alternative album artwork. 

Then a few lesser known DJs, a second Young Guns collaboration and the game changing SEGA Mega Drive collection. 

I was surprised how far they had come when the announcement was made but the designs seemed a little lackluster. The packaging was good but £35 for an Ecco the Dolphin tie-dye didn’t seem like a good investment. 

Many people expected Sonic or something larger, and having an audience from a later generation, most had not heart of titles like Streets of Rage, Ecco and Golden Axe. The range was pretty similar to existing SEGA merchandise as well so it didn’t really appeal to me.

Then came as a surprise – the Itchy & Scratchy / Simpsons collection. It could have been more imaginative as most featured the same design on different dull garments. They did however make an impressive holdall with tiled Itchy & Scratchy heads (and skulls patterned inside the bag) that I still use today.

June 25th 2016 – Drop Dead launched their Sonic the Hedgehog collection.

Having seen the decline of excitement versus the increase of price and production quality, it was safe to say I was sceptical about this range but I think they really pulled it off. The intricate details in the packaging, variety of retro and unmodified Sonic official artwork being put to good use all made it an exciting experience. 

The price, as always, was a little steep but having noticed an improvement in quality with some subtly decent designs my reasoning was that it was a success and I bought a few things – Dream Team, Too Easy and Let’s Roll (holdall). 

I also went into VANS in Carnaby to pick up a Duck Hunt tee and received praise for my Sonic items among the staff.

Happy 25th birthday, Sonic.


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