App Review: Pokémon GO

As always, Nintendo have taken the world by storm with Pokémon, but this time in the form of an application available free to smartphones.

The 2D artwork used in this application irritates me. It’s far too ‘fake anime’ with a cheap feel, like the many fake imitators in the App Store. 

In my opinion they need to apply more classic Ken Sugimori illustrations.

This app became severely overrated even before the UK launch. Kids have already been stabbed and mugged playing this seemingly enticing game.

I applaud the innovation to get children outside during the summer but it’s clearly too distracting for them if some have been caught wandering along freeways, oblivious to traffic.

Personally I haven’t yet been interested enough to take it outside and go looking for Pokémon in my neighbourhood.

Maybe it’s because the UK has poor wifi. 

Or maybe because I’m not a child anymore.


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