Review: Batman Killing Joke – Feature Film [Spoilers]

Before I start, I haven’t read the comic but I had seen enough online to piece the story together. 

I’ve been a fan of Batman for as long as I can remember. I started watching in the 90s with two Tim Burton films, followed by the animated series by Bruce Timm.

Killing Joke depicts the Joker’s descent into madness. Before he became Batman’s lifelong nemesis, he was a failing comedian, struggling to support his family under crippling debt.

Having grown up with Mark Hamill voicing a better looking yellow-eyed Joker, it was difficult to enjoy his voice on yet another incarnation of the character. Arkham City and Arkham Knight were awesome games but they were 3D and more reminescent of the darker comics.

The plot was carried out well but I didn’t like the animation style. The colour was great but the lines just didn’t look right. Looking at the comic again I can see similarity but I think I will always prefer the style of Bruce Timm accompanied by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

Personally I’ve never really been a fan of Batgirl but this film made her look clingy and pathetic. Hardly fit for fighting crime. The character had zero self-esteem and suddenly pounced on, then defiled poor Batman.

The first half of the film was really dragged out over some mafia uncle quarrel I’ve never even heard of and then after beating his punk nephew senseless, Batgirl decides to retire.

In the second half – the Joker’s escape, which was pretty good. The legendary spine-crippling scene where he puts Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair, but then the Joker starts undressing her and it leaves it on a weirdly ambigious note as it transitions back to the carnival.

Batman finds a naked Commissioner Gordon all cold and scared in the revamped Joker carnival. He wraps poor baby Jim in a nice warm blanket before he strides off to hunt down the Joker and is reminded to “do it by the book” like a good Batman.

After defeating a horde of sinister carnies, he finds the Joker. Real deep exchange about how Batman wants to help him but not kill him, then he tells Batman a lame one-liner and it abruptly ends with zero skulls crushed.

So Barbara is paralysed and left in a state of undress, hospital-bound…

…then five minutes later, Batman and the Joker are laughing over a dumb joke?


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