I was lucky enough to grab one of 150 tickets to a tiny TDEP show in Shoreditch yesterday and it left a loud ringing in my ears for two nights.

As many who tried to buy a ticket will know, the event was sold out in no more than 10 seconds. Some tickets were later re-listed when the vendor discovered their fiendish touting tactics. Good job!

There was no supporting act, no kids and until everyone crammed in at once when they started playing, the venue was nicely air-conditioned.

Doors opened at 8pm but the band weren’t on until past 9.30pm.

The Dillinger Escape Plan walked onto a tiny stage in a crowded pub. Ben played one note and Greg announced “Thanks for coming everyone, good night!” and they went silent for a moment as the crowd laughed before they tore into ‘Prancer’ and chaos ensued.

Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan – Sunshine the Werewolf @ Old Blue Last.

I’ve always wanted to see TDEP at their full potential in a crowded space and I’m happy to say that they crushed it.

Very excited to hear their “final album” before the extended hiatus.

Hopefully I’ll get to see them in the UK again (before the final curtain) but up next is their long-awaited return to Reading Festival.


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