For once, I bought a day ticket to Reading festival and haven’t been since 2012 but it hasn’t changed much in four years.

Sure the audience are younger and seemingly more stupid than ever before but I wanted to see Red Hot Chili Peppers headline a festival and with Dillinger Escape Plan making an appearance ahead of their hiatus, the icing on the cake.

I walked in around 8pm because literally nothing excited me on the lineup.

I had a couple of drinks then wandered over to The Pit, which was pretty much beside the arena entrance.

There were around 20-30 people waiting by the barricade when I approached the tent, so I stood front and centre to the stage. Didn’t think too many people would be at this tent when a majority are probably waiting in line to see RHCP.

As they set up the stage, I noticed tech crew carried a sofa and a coffee table onto centre stage, followed with a freshly made cup of coffee placed on the table. There were 30 minutes until TDEP were on. I couldn’t think of what the sofa and table could possibly be used for.

It hit 9pm and the lights dimmed.

TDEP enter the stage, and Greg takes a seat in the middle of the sofa. He picked up a newspaper and took a sip of coffee. He put the coffee cup down then picked up the mic. They tore into Prancer.

Ben and Liam were jumping all over the stage, climbing on things and swinging their guitars while Greg (clearly committed to his act) carried on staring at the newspaper, screaming and writhing around on the sofa.

Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan – Prancer @ Reading Festival 2016.

When they finished performing Prancer, Greg picked up the newspaper and called over Ben. “Hey Ben, did you know The Dillinger Escape Plan have got a new album coming out? This is the first song off the new album, it’s called Limerent Death.” Ben replied “That’s a good song!” and the crowd went insane.  

Unfortunately, stage times overlapped by 30 minutes. I knew I wouldn’t have a good view for RHCP so I gave TDEP my undivided attention.

Dillinger Escape Plan left, eventually the crowd slugged over to the main stage for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I walked into earshot of ‘Dark Necessities’ from The Getaway. 

It’s clear that Reading do not care about the safety or security of their customers when you have tens of thousands of literal thugs on drugs in the pitch black darkness of a big field.

From a distance I could see a lot of colourful lights, cameras and elaborate glowing monitors but it’s not the same being at a concert when you cannot see the performer with your own eyes. It may as well just be a video on YouTube.

Shortly before the festival weekend, RHCP announced their return to the UK in December, with two shows at The O2 (with Baby Metal) which I hope to attend.

I did enjoy Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it does make it extremely difficult to enjoy anything nice while being surrounded by thousands of scumbags.

Thank Lucifer I wasn’t camping this year.


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