PlayStation VR

Today I demoed a couple of virtual reality games at a touring PlayStation VR event that stopped in London for a few days, promoting the release of PSVR.

The demos were completely free but you only get a 15-minute session on one game of your choice from several titles.

After buzzing about the two RE7 demos ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Twilight’ of course I chose Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

I’ve played with 3D tech, EyeToy and other games that use motion sensors but none of that compared to the new VR.

The already ominous atmosphere created by PSVR paired with the cutting edge Resident Evil Engine made for an exciting and surreal experience.

You could easily become lost in VR. 

When I started up RE7’s ‘Lantern’ demo (currently exclusive to PSVR trials) I didn’t know what to expect but I was quickly immersed in another world.

You can stay seated for RE7 in VR and if you don’t feel like twisting your neck to look behind you, just tap the C-stick to jump the camera left or right a bit.

In RE7, I walked across a bridge to an empty mansion with wooden beams and a huge split down the centre of the floor. 

As I approached the split, I noticed I could look down into it and saw a flowing river running through the house that went so far down you could barely see the end.

I went through a door and heard footsteps followed by an old woman cursing, carrying a lantern.

In this demo (named Lantern) you must avoid being seen by the old woman and simultaneously solve the puzzles to escape the house.

It was as difficult as the PS4 demos to find anything around the rooms. You need to search both high and low for objects and examine everything.

I managed to complete the first puzzle by hiding outside and get to the next room. 

While hiding, I noticed there’s so much detail in the sky and jagged tree branches that poke into it. 

This intense level of detail makes the experience scarier in a way that it’s frightening how realistic games are becoming, especially horror.

The experiene was so insane. 

It felt like a roller-coaster nightmare. 

I didn’t have enough time to find everything and finish the demo so I let myself get caught when my time was up.

After RE7, I went off for lunch and came back for Batman. I noticed a little motion sickness under VR when I was hungry.

Batman VR utilises PlayStation Move controllers and a camera, unlike RE7.

You physically stand centre square to enable PlayStation camera to detect your movement before wearing PSVR.

Under VR you arrive at Wayne Manor, where you meet Alfred who guides you to the secret entrance of the Batcave.

The floor opens up and sends you down a glass elevator (with extensive detail to its aquatic surrounding and structure of the underlying cave). 

Alfred then asks you to put on your suit for testing out weapons. You are given the grappling gun and Batarang.

The Batman demo didn’t involve any action and was pretty stationary. 

It literally gears you up for the game itself and then ends.

If you get to a PSVR trial and have a choice of demos – I highly recommend you try Resident Evil 7.

I need to get back in VR…


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