Every Time I Die – December 2016 UK Tour

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Every Time I Die play 8 shows in England this year and they never disappoint.

Slam Dunk festival, the rescheduled London takeover and just recently a European tour with ’68.

I was already excited to see them come back so soon but to bring ’68 (another favourite of mine) was overkill.

They played a show 10 minutes from where I live (Southend) and at the weekend, hosted one of their best ever shows at Brooklyn Bowl inside The O2.

I’ve seen ’68 play shows in the UK since their first tour in 2014. It’s nice to see them get the recognition they deserve. 

I heard a lot of good things from a crowd of 900 people having taken a shine to ’68.

The show had no barricades, there were bars, couches and a bowling alley to the right of the venue (with Christmas decoration). It was like being in a movie.

ETID ripped through 20 heavy songs before the crowd begged for one more.

From side-stage I witnessed bodies fly, selfies denied (literally judo chopped an iPhone out of someone’s hand) and security choke slam a loiter into the pit.

2016 was pretty good.


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