Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PS3)

I didn’t play this game the first time around due to a faulty PSP game pad putting me off. 

Only just recently have I completed Peace Walker on PS3. I appreciate the bridges between Snake Eater and Phantom Pain but the story itself seems a little thin. 

It heavily relies on information from Snake Eater (bypassing Portable Ops, the follow up I preferred) but doesn’t develop much of a story itself.

The MSF recruiting feature was good and it was fun building ZEKE but I think a few irritating mechanics let it down.

Inability to pause while choosing recovery items or changing weapons obviously makes sense for online mode.

But it can get annoying when AI mechs stomp you to death for not selecting a ration fast enough.

The Peace Walker boss battle was challenging, which was good, but the music choice for the Metal Gear ZEKE battle ruined its atmosphere.

So you get a female pilot for Metal Gear, for the first time (AI doesn’t count) and instead of something menacing, you’re stuck with J-Pop? 

Didn’t make much sense to me.


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