Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4) – SPOILERS

It took me half a day but I finally completed Resident Evil 7.

I was going to play it through PlayStation VR but unfortunately it was making me sick and I didn’t want to slow down for feeling dizzy so I’ll play it in VR later.

The demo and aesthetic RE7 showcased really got me hooked on this release, and it was a satisfying addition to the series – which wasn’t hard following RE6.

I have a few petty complaints about the new game’s design and story but most importantly the mechanics of this game went back to its roots, mimicking the original Resident Evil.

You get a bag with limited space and a trunk in the save room to store your spare weapons, ammo, herbs and key items. Just like first Resident Evil.

Many of the puzzles are throwbacks to RE, like clocks and animal themed keys.

The first creature design seemed very bulky and sharp. Pretty intimidating for a basic low-level enemy. They introduced a couple of others that were slightly different (one had a big claw and another crawled) but that was all there was.

I was hoping for something crimson or some crazy giant rats or gators. But no, just an army of oily creatures like the ones in Resident Evil 6.

Halfway into the game, you find a lot of bees (which again is something found in the first Resident Evil) but they don’t really pose much of a threat, kind of disappointing.

The boss battles showed depth and dramatic change in character design but they felt very limited and confined within the small space of the Baker house.

You do get to explore more areas beyond the Baker house but then it just goes underground and all over the place. I always wondered how they figure out complex maps but the solution this time seemed to be “they’re on acid.” 

Psychoactive-stimulants? Kinda lame.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the game they went overboard with the strange black oily substance and each boss fight became more and more ridiculous. 

The absolute end left me the most confused – something that actually tied to the previous titles, the appearance of a character named ‘Redfield’ (the credits display Chris Redfield). This ‘Redfield’ resembles nothing of the one from RE5 or RE6.

Possibly the first RE, but if it’s set after RE6 that wouldn’t make any sense, it would be like what Capcom did to Frank West – completely change his age, voice and personality.

Another thing that confused me was his helicopter had ‘Umbrella’ on the side. Chris was last seen in BSAA and quoted as hating Umbrella, so either this is a new Umbrella or this isn’t Chris Redfield.

The game then promises some free DLC entitled “Not A Hero” which will definitely stir up some crazy fan theories. 

Digging around a little myself, I found the mystery character looks more like the old design of HUNK from Resident Evil 2 (similar features, blonde hair etc.) and if he’s using Chris Redfield’s identity, it could develop into an excellent story.

Now to play it again in VR…


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