Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Banned Footage DLC

Resident Evil 7 has nearly been out for its first month and surprisingly includes paid downloadable content already.

The two DLC volumes include:

[Volume 1]

Night Terror (a Clancy survival mini game, similar to Call of Duty zombies)

Bedroom (a Clancy puzzle game that channels Stephen King’s Misery)

Ethan Must Die (a ridiculously hardcore Madhouse mode with randomised item crates, bomb trip wires and sentry guns)

[Volume 2]

21 / Survival (a Clancy mini game where you play cards against another hostage under Lucas Baker’s hysterical gaze)

Daughters (the prologue to RE7 – play as Zoe and witness the moment Eveline seizes control of The Baker family)

Jack’s 55th Birthday (play as Mia and gather food for Jack Baker in a comical Donkey Kong 64-style mini game)

Realistically this all should have been free DLC or at least kept the crowd waiting a month or two. 

Particularly ‘Daughters’ which is scene-setting for the plot of the game.

Most modes don’t usually last longer than 10 minutes and ‘Ethan Must Die’ is insanely challenging for the sake of it. 

Current world records are no shorter than 14 minutes the last time I checked.

If you’ve completed the game, you’ll know there will be FREE DLC coming in spring (Not A Hero) with more to follow.

Paid DLC will most likely be on sale at some point so if you’re stingy about full price content – enjoy the spoilers.

I understand cash-grabbing opportunities like this but they still leave a bad taste in the mouth of fans. 

Not me. I went all-in and am pleased to have had the deluxe experience of RE7.


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