Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

Having heard constant good things about Horizon Zero Dawn, I was sceptical at first about genuine quality but the graphics in its trailer had me hooked. 

Knowing that Guerrilla’s Decima engine would later be powering Kojima’s upcoming project: Death Stranding (with cameos) had my curiosity. 

I took my time enjoying the game but eventually got platinum in about 50 hours. 

There were a lot of things I liked and disliked about HZD and I’m not usually into open world hunting games but overall I was impressed with this game. 

The machine designs were particularly interesting as they reminded me Yoji Shinkawa’s mechas from Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders.

Gameplay felt a bit like a combination of Metal Gear Rising (stealth striking) and Phantom Pain. 

The post-apocalyptic futuristic design was like Destiny meets Far Cry Primal but it delivered an original experience. 

Climbing mountains for collectibles was a bit awkward. You need to find ledges with little to no help or manually hop stones on a cliff side which could be fatal without warning. 

I was caught in the landscape multiple times where I plunged to my death, sometimes far from a campsite having not saved any progress. 

If you don’t like running around and stopping to pick up every plant in sight, you had to go to a merchant and buy individual supplies with no option to multi-buy (until a later update) which needlessly added time. 

Death Stranding easter eggs; dog tags, handcuffs and a weird baby doll. 

The first of three I found (stranded necklace) gave no indication other than being marked by a purple light that it was very rare.

When I collected the item, I found it had no option to view the model in your inventory so you need to go into photo mode before collecting it. 

It has fairly easy trophies but it’s a big game. I recommend Horizon Zero Dawn.


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