Lara Croft GO / Hitman GO (PS4 + PS Vita)

I bought a PS Vita back in January this year (2017) and so far have only found about 10 games worth playing. 

The PSN store was selling this Square Enix bundle together for about £7.99 last month with cross-buy included.

I didn’t expect much from a couple of mobile games but the sleek design and clear narrative of the GO series compliment Tomb Raider and Hitman. 

Since they’re mobile games – either one is great to pick up and play on the go. 

They’re puzzle games littered with references to their own history. 

The games aren’t particularly long but are heavily rewarded with trophies (and an easy platinum). 

Sitting down steadily focused – you may finish either one in about 4 hours but I like to savour puzzle games and solve them without help. 

I hadn’t played Tomb Raider since the SEGA Saturn days. I had little interest in catching up but this simple game has inspired me. 

I’d like to see more games in this style. 


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