Mafia III (PS4)

As expected of a 2K game, it’s full of terrible glitches that make it barely playable. It’s also very slow, uncoordinated and lazy. 

I’m pretty sure boats and cars didn’t used to suddenly flip meters into the air after clipping a stone on the driveway. 

It’s intent was to make the player feel compassionate about tough times in the 1960s but it’s so dull it’s given me plenty of reasons to steer clear of that decade. 

The voice actors lack enthusiasm and the narrative is as cringeworthy as Burke’s stereotypically drunken-Irish character.

Lincoln can be described as a physically fitter yet immensely thicker Franklin Clinton – except devoid of personality. 

The game plays like sitting down and listening to your senile grandpa tell an overly-dramatic and incessantly racist tale about the poor quality of life in the 1960s. 

This is the worst Grand Theft Auto clone I’ve played, and that’s counting Simpsons Hit & Run and the original Saints Row. 

If you like games that go on forever with boring dialogue and cutscenes that can’t be skipped – you will love this game.

For your sanity, don’t play this game…


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