Japanese clothing store UNIQLO are known for their collaborations with big names like Pixar and Star Wars. 

This month (May) they teamed up with Nintendo for UNIQLO Grand Prix 2017.

Last year they held a worldwide contest to have fans design their entire line, with the grand prize including a trip to Japan to meet legendary Mario and Zelda creator – Shigeru Miyamoto.

The rules of the contest were to submit an original T-shirt design from a list of Nintendo games and then 25 designs would be chosen. Miyamoto himself would pick the winning design.

According to the UNIQLO website they received over 16,000 entrees.

I felt most of the winning designs to be a little lacklustre considering how many submissions were made.

First place was a generic 8-bit pixel art Super Mario. I could have sworn one of the conditions were to not use official artwork but whatever, it’s up to them.

The only design I genuinely liked was about halfway down the list and it was Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing with the text “Life can not be reset” which I thought was pretty dark for Nintendo.

UNIQLO stores are fully decked out with Nintendo decorations and cardboard cut-outs of their video game characters. 

The UTGP 2017 range is currently available online and in store.

If you’re quick, you might catch the Mario and Luigi mascots in London.


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