Yakuza 0 (PS4)

I had heard good things about the Yakuza series for years prior to picking up a game as it is made by SEGA and channels a spirit similar to Shenmue.

But I didn’t expect a masterpiece.

Yakuza 0 captures all the good elements of a well-written crime story, then pairs them with the beat-em-up style of old arcade fighting games like Tekken and Streets of Rage.

This game is massive. I picked up Zero around the end of May 2017 and I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down for a month as it was so addictive.

Alongside the main story, there are 100 sub-stories, a variety of mini-games, challenges and even fully playable retro SEGA titles from the 80s such as Out Run, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On.

It’s odd to see a world of SEGA games before Sonic the Hedgehog.

Onto the music – each fighting style has its own badass track that really gets you amped for caving a thug’s head in. Unfortunately you don’t get long enough to listen to some of the tunes because the characters quickly become so overpowered you can easily beatdown enemies in mere seconds.

The disco has a song inspired by and featuring the likeness of Michael Jackson (renamed for legal reasons). With the help of a man resembling Stephen Spielberg, you also get to direct the iconic Thriller music video while M.J moonwalks down a street packed with zombie actors trying to bite him.

Despite I’m nearing the end now, I’m glad I have five more titles to follow the story (six including Yakuza 6 which was out in Japan 2016) because it’s so good, I’ll be lost when I complete the game.

Well done, SEGA.



Japanese clothing store UNIQLO are known for their collaborations with big names like Pixar and Star Wars. 

This month (May) they teamed up with Nintendo for UNIQLO Grand Prix 2017.

Last year they held a worldwide contest to have fans design their entire line, with the grand prize including a trip to Japan to meet legendary Mario and Zelda creator – Shigeru Miyamoto.

The rules of the contest were to submit an original T-shirt design from a list of Nintendo games and then 25 designs would be chosen. Miyamoto himself would pick the winning design.

According to the UNIQLO website they received over 16,000 entrees.

I felt most of the winning designs to be a little lacklustre considering how many submissions were made.

First place was a generic 8-bit pixel art Super Mario. I could have sworn one of the conditions were to not use official artwork but whatever, it’s up to them.

The only design I genuinely liked was about halfway down the list and it was Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing with the text “Life can not be reset” which I thought was pretty dark for Nintendo.

UNIQLO stores are fully decked out with Nintendo decorations and cardboard cut-outs of their video game characters. 

The UTGP 2017 range is currently available online and in store.

If you’re quick, you might catch the Mario and Luigi mascots in London.

Mafia III (PS4)

As expected of a 2K game, it’s full of terrible glitches that make it barely playable. It’s also very slow, uncoordinated and lazy. 

I’m pretty sure boats and cars didn’t used to suddenly flip meters into the air after clipping a stone on the driveway. 

It’s intent was to make the player feel compassionate about tough times in the 1960s but it’s so dull it’s given me plenty of reasons to steer clear of that decade. 

The voice actors lack enthusiasm and the narrative is as cringeworthy as Burke’s stereotypically drunken-Irish character.

Lincoln can be described as a physically fitter yet immensely thicker Franklin Clinton – except devoid of personality. 

The game plays like sitting down and listening to your senile grandpa tell an overly-dramatic and incessantly racist tale about the poor quality of life in the 1960s. 

This is the worst Grand Theft Auto clone I’ve played, and that’s counting Simpsons Hit & Run and the original Saints Row. 

If you like games that go on forever with boring dialogue and cutscenes that can’t be skipped – you will love this game.

For your sanity, don’t play this game…

Currently Playing: Umbrella Corps (PS4)

This Resident Evil spin-off is like a fusion of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty but with a stylish Capcom twist.

Primarily an online multiplayer but there’s a training course setup with a sequence of challenges exploring the maps and bordering past Resident Evil titles with a diary-like narrative.

I’m down to the last three challenges on The Experiment but as the difficulty has increased so high it is now seemingly impossible for me to complete. 

I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at games like this but I’m definitely no professional.

There are two game modes for online multiplayer – one life and variety mode. Both are best of five rounds in teams as small as three or four.

The game modes include:

  • collecting infected DNA samples
  • collecting briefcases of intel
  • base secure (domination)
  • collar (kill confirmed)

It’s not too bad, it looks great and the brainer weapon (a curved hook) is pretty decent but it’s a very small game. 

This game was a good effort on the online multiplayer market but it needs a Hell of a lot more work to be in the same leagues as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Video – Biohazard: Umbrella Corps.